Property Clients



We specialise in sourcing finance for property investors, landlords, developers and small to medium enterprises.

Our team of ex-lenders dig deep into the information, listen and get a detailed understanding of your requirements enabling us to focus on the lending institutions that fit the bill. We will always look to source the best rate whilst looking at the overall fees, costs and timescales of delivery together with keeping your goals and interests at heart.


Finance for Commercial Investment Property 

Our background and experience as former lenders in Commercial Investment Finance and overall knowledge of the market place ensures our clients have full access to all types of lenders tailored to their needs.

Typical Lending Requirements: Purchase, refinancing, first time commercial landlord, overseas investor, ex-pat investor, properties with a short lease tenancy/ies, properties let on licences, serviced offices, low rates, interest only, flexible repayments, adverse credit, properties in receivership, higher loan to values (75% LTV), semi-commercial property and leasehold commercial property.

Types of Properties: All types of semi-commercial shops, shopping parades, shopping centres, offices, serviced offices, industrial units, warehouses, cafés, restaurants, takeaways and hotels to name a few.   

Portfolios and Buy to Let 

We offer relationships with banks and building societies and span all the way through challenger banks, specialist lenders and a growing number of peer-to-peer lenders too. Therefore, our solutions cover loans that fall outside of the normal BTL (Buy-to-Let) criteria that your traditional mortgage brokers would offer.

Typical Lending Requirements: Purchase, refinance, BTL finance, portfolio finance (multiple units), low rates, investment loans for large houses/flats, low yielding properties, rental shortfalls finance, blocks of flats, refurb to let, short leaseholds, Airbnb, HMO (houses with multiple occupants), holiday lets, high loan to value, transferring properties to a limited company, limited company BTL, limited liability partnership BTL (LLP), expat finance, overseas investor, offshore companies, interest only, retained interest, refurb to let, 2nd Charge BTL, no minimum income requirements, no debenture, new build flats, flying freeholds, short leaseholds, flats above commercial premises, DSS tenants, ex-local authority properties, first time landlords, flats below 30 square meters, non-standard construction including timber or concrete framed buildings, below market value purchases, older landlords, remortgage within 6 months, gifted deposits and defective or poor remarks on a valuation to name a few.

Refurbishment Loans 

We specialise in supporting investors purchasing and refurbishing properties. Works may be light through to heavy structural works/extensions. Depending on your requirements we can source finance up to 85% on purchase, funding for up to 100% of costs with facilities up to 70% of the final value.

We have specialist tools to help appraise your project at the start to help outline which lenders will consider your project. If you’re refurbishing to let, we can also secure the refinance at the beginning to give you confidence in your exit.

Typical Lending Requirements: Low rates, high loan to value, house/flat refurbishment, Loft conversions, extensions, HMO conversion, holiday let conversion. Airbnb, small conversions i.e. a house to 3 flats etc.

Land Loans/ Development/ Conversion Finance 

Our development finance solutions follow the full development cycle. We source solutions through the cycle with land loans, development/conversion finance, developer exit facilities and where required take out into an investment facility.

Our lenders start with the banks ranging through to specialist and private lenders. We can source funding up to 70% of the gross development value, 100% of costs and typically up to 90% loan to cost with each proposal having its own unique requirements.

As a team we have provided finance from £100,000 through to a £100,000,000 so you’re in experienced hands! We understand what our lenders look at and find appealing within a proposal allowing speed and efficiency throughout.

Before presenting your proposal, we look at your costs and run the numbers through our own development calculator that looks at your funding requirements to helps us consider the lender that may be able to support your needs.

Typical Lending Requirements: Low rates, higher loan to values, land loans, development finance, conversion finance, developer exit finance, ground up development, commercial to residential conversions, commercial development, build-to-rent and semi-commercial conversions.

Bridging Finance 

Our team have built bridging lenders, headed up their credit teams and provided facilities from £50,000 through to £20,000,000 understanding intrinsically how lenders in this space work and how they will work with you from the start through to repayment of the facility. Over the past decade bridging finance has become a main stream option for investors and businesses to enable them short term solutions to achieve their goals.

Typical Lending Requirements: Auction purchase (28-day completion), part completed developments, sales bridge, bridge-to-bridge (re-bridge), short term commercial facilities (enabling borrowers to build a trading profile i.e. 1 or 2 years accounts), adverse credit (bridge to enable refinance or sale) , quick purchase (main stream lenders can be slow, or you may have seen an opportunity that you can’t miss), equity release (release funds), 100% borrowing (with additional security), 2nd charge, equitable charge, developer exit finance, planning bridge, land bridge, overseas borrowers/companies for example.

Business Mortgages 

Finding property finance for your business can be a challenging process, especially with so many lenders in today’s market place. Our enhanced KYL (Know Your Lender) process ensures we understand the in-depth criteria that lenders work to and hence allows us to immediately undertake all due diligence to make it easy for our lenders to underwrite your application. 

Typical Lending Requirements: Purchase, refinance, low rates, flexible repayment options, reduced or no guarantees, interest only, retained interest, high loan to values, releasing equity, short term loans, adverse credit, previous bankruptcies, 2nd charge, commercial refurbishment and extensions. 

Types of Property: Mortgages for shops, retail parades, shopping centres, hotels, guest houses, bed & breakfast, restaurants, take aways, cafés, offices, serviced offices, industrial units, warehouses, care homes, pubs, holiday parks, golf courses and nurseries to name a few.