Joint Ventures, Funding Lines and Consultancy 



Funding Lines For Lenders (institutional and private funding lines) 

After building several lending businesses and working with institutional and private funders, we have established an enviable base of contacts within these companies to help new and existing lenders find new forms of funding. We will also work with our clients to prepare their presentation of the business before taking you forward to our contacts to get the best terms.

Equity/Joint Ventures 

As part of our services we are always looking for new equity providers across the funding stack. Partners range from major institutions to private companies and individuals. We review our equity partners like our lenders (KYL) to ensure they are what they say they are and to get an idea of how they will complement our client’s businesses.

Joint ventures are a great form of bringing together like-minded businesses who may both require an opportunity, however don’t quite have the equity to bring the project or investment to life. A good example of this being ‘large scheme’ house builders. For them, undertaking smaller projects alone is undesirable therefore an option to support smaller house builders is preferable. This option can work well for our clients resulting in good returns.

Over the years we have seen both successful and unsuccessful collaborations hence we undertake heavy due diligence on both sides, with non-disclosure agreements and solicitor collaborations to make it a success.


Our years of experience as lenders grant us the ability to provide top-notch support to our customers when renewing terms, requesting further advances or during the unfortunate event of a breach of covenants.

We can also present a 360-degree review of your business from a financial perspective along with the potential opportunities available to you through existing funding or refinancing.

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